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Fox C-6 School District drops 4-day school week plan for upcoming year
Fox C-6 School District drops 4-day school week plan for upcoming year
Fox C-6 School District drops 4-day school week plan for upcoming year

Published on: 02/08/2023


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — Students in the Fox C-6 School district will not make the change to four-day school weeks. That update came out of a packed school board meeting Tuesday night.

Since last month's announcement that the district faced a major budget deficit for the upcoming school year, more than anticipated funding has come in from the state.

There was applause from the crowd after Superintendent Paul Fregau announced he's no longer considering four-day school weeks next year. The idea was to save costs. The district knew it had $2 million coming in from the state, but just recently, that contribution jumped to $7 million, enough money to take the proposal off the table. But if the district doesn't get a continued influx of revenue, the proposal could come back.

"I don't think it should ever be on the table," teacher Dawn Evans told 5 On Your Side after addressing the board. "We always see a difference when we have a long weekend, it's a little harder for them to settle back into school and in the end we are all working very hard just to do what is best for our kids. We want them to succeed,” 

Fregau is now pitching other revenue-generating ideas such as renting out school facilities, having businesses advertise at sporting events, and possibly raising taxes — something the district hasn’t done in quite some time. 

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